How to get to Jaunjelgava?

jaunj-drons.jpgJaunjelgava is not near Jelgava as many people think! :)

Riga - Jaunjelgava

Jaunjelgava is only 85km from the centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia, which is just over an hour by car. From Riga you can get to Jaunjelgava via the P85 motorway (Rīgas HES - Jaunjelgava). Or take the A6 (Riga - Daugavpils - Krāslava), crossing the Daugava over the Ķegums HES and continuing on the P85. It is also possible to get to Jaunjelgava from Riga by bus. It is about one and a half hours' drive. For a list of buses visit: 

Daugavpils - Jaunjelgava Association

Jaunjelgava is 150km from Daugavpils city centre, which is approximately 2 hours by car. From Daugavpils there are three possible routes to get to the Jaunjelgava Association area: 

  •  A6 road (Riga - Daugavpils - Krāslava) going to Jēkabpils crossing the Daugava and continuing on the P76 road (Aizkraukle - Jēkabpils). You will arrive at the association from Staburaga parish, passing through Seces and Sērenes parishes on the way to Jaunjelgava. Similarly, the left bank of the Daugava River is also accessible, but the Ilūkste - Jēkabpils road section is not asphalted, so this road section is less frequently used. 
  • Take the P70 (Svente - Lithuanian border) to Subate, then continue on the P73 (Vecumnieki - Nereta - Subate) to the Nereta parish roundabout with the P86 (Sērene - Kalnieši). You will arrive in Jaunjelgava from the direction of Daudzese parish. On the way to Jaunjelgava you will also pass through Sērene parish. 

In the territory of the Jaunjelgava Association (Jaunjelgava, Sērenes parish, Daudzeses parish, Sunākste parish, Seces parish, Staburaga parish)
The bus timetable and routes within the administrative territory of the Jaunjelgava Association can be found at

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