How to get to Skriveri?

ipf-sap-113.jpgBy car:

Skrīveri is 80km from the capital Riga. From Riga to Skrīveri you can take the A6 Riga-Daugavpils road after the bistro, hotel Klidziņa turn left to Daugavas iela/P32 or take the P80 Tīnūži-Koknese turn off to the E22 motorway, after 40km take the exit to P32 (Skrīveri, Madliena, Krape) and turn right to P32 towards Skrīveri.

By public transport:
By train - Get off at station "SKRĪVERI".  From Riga railway station to the termini Aizkraukle, Daugavpils, Krustpils, Zilupe, Madona. Duration of the journey about 1.10h.
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When getting off the train at Skrīveri station, go behind the station house and across the station square next to the post office there is a tourist information stand or from the station square go right on Daugavas iela/P32 for about 190m and turn left on Daugavas iela/P32 for 700m and on the right side of the road there will be the Skrīveri Parish Office (Daugavas iela 59) where there is a tourist information point for Skrīveri. The walk takes about 10min.

By bus:

Cēsis - Aizkraukle, get off at "SKRĪVERU STACIJA" (Skrīveru railway station). Journey time 1.51h.
From Riga, get off at "SKRĪVERU INSTITUTŪTS" (A6 motorway). Buses with final stop Rezekne, Madona, Preili, Lubāna, Jēkabpils. Duration of the journey approx. 1.25h. 

From this stop you will see Aizkraukle castle mound, but further you will have to walk to the centre of Skrīveri parish, about 3km from the drop-off stop. From the drop-off stop walk 290m back to the crossroads and then turn right onto Jāņa Purapuķes Street and walk 1km to the T-junction and then turn right onto Daugavas Street/P32 and walk 160m and the Skrīveri Parish Office (Dauagavas Street 59), where the Skrīveri tourist information point is located, will be on the left hand side or continue along Daugavas Street/P32 to the level crossing. Before the level crossing, turn right into the station square by the post office building there will be a tourist information stand.
See you in Skrīveri! 

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