Memorial grove of A.Upīts novel "Green Land"

Līči, Skrīveru novads, Latvija

Green Earth Grove was planted by actors of the National Theater in 1977. A plaque with the name and surname of the planter is attached to the oak planted by each actor. Here we can see the oak trees planted by Lidija Freimane, Kārlis Sebris, Karps Klētnieks and other actors, which have now grown thickly. Opposite the grove is Andrejs Upīts native home "Kalniņi", which is privately owned, the grove is also located on a private territory, but tourists are allowed to see the grove.

zalas-zemes-birzs-pieminas-akmens.jpg romana-zala-zeme-pieminas-birzs.jpg zalas-zemes-birzs_0.jpg zalas-zemes-birzs.jpg a-upisa-zalas-zemes-birzs.jpg
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