Private collection of antiquities of Konradijs Degro

Grauzes, Neretas pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija, LV-5118

One of the outbuildings houses a rich private collection of antiquities, which contains both evidence of the history of education and very interesting household objects that trace the development of the farm throughout history.

degro-privatkolekcijas-1-stends.jpg ipf-nap-2022-108-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-106-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-96-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-100-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-110-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-102-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-111-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-112-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-113-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-114-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-115-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-116-min.jpg ipf-nap-2022-118-min.jpg
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