‘Aklais (Jūgu)’ bog

Daudzeses pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija

Nature reserve “Aklais purvs” was established in 1999. It is 2003 ha vast. The area is with high landscape value. It has typical high bog landscapes, lakes and closed forest landscapes. A 2 km long footbridge has been created in the bog, where it leads from the memorial site, which was created in honor of the battles of the Second World War along the Ģirupe River to Ģirupe Lake.

Foto - Māra Bitāne

mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-3.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-1.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-2.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-2_0.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-3_0.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-1_0.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-4.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-4_0.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-5.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-6.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-7.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-8.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-9.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-10.jpg mara-bitane-aklais-purvs-11.jpg
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