Stender's Trail and Stender's family cemetery

Ģederti, Viesītes pagats, Jēkabpils novads, Latvija

The ABC Trail was created in the spring of 2014 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Old Stender. Stender's "ABC Trail" introduces the characters of the "Bilde ABC". It is about 300 metres long and leads to the site of the former rectory. The Abbece is the foundation of a child's world and one of the most philosophical books of all time. Anyone can find the tablet with the first letter of their name, read what Old Stender taught and try to compose their own two-line.

In Vārnava, 12 km from Viesīte, you can get to know the Stender family, from which 15 Latvian parish priests descended, as well as doctors, lawyers, military officers, pharmacists and merchants. The best known of all is Gothards Frīdrihs Stenders (Old Stenders) - a German pastor, enlightener, founder of Latvian secular fiction, the greatest Latvian poet, linguist and inventor of the 18th century. The Stenders family cemetery is located in a mound behind the Sunākste church. Five generations of the Stender family are buried on the hill. The old Stender's grave is covered by a Daugava dolomite tombstone with the inscription: "Sche aprakts G.F.Stenders LATWIS dzim. 1714 mirr. 1796 ar sawu gafpafchu".

Behind the cemetery, Angela, the daughter of Baron von Baer of Warenbrock Manor, is buried, having committed suicide due to unhappy love. The restored White Angel is placed on the grave.

Photos - Māra Bitāne

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