Aizkraukle has its own mobile app


The Aizkraukle municipality mobile app "Aizkraukle municipality" has been launched for free download this month in the "Play store" and "App store" app stores. The mobile app will work on smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other devices. Visitors to the municipality, but especially residents declared in Aizkraukle municipality, are invited to download the new application, as it is planned that directly declared residents will be able to receive advantages and discounts at municipal institutions and municipal cooperation partners - entrepreneurs. 

Every user of the application will be able to submit reports to the municipality on various problems and economic issues, receive a reply in accordance with the procedure established by the municipality, quickly and easily contact municipal institutions, submit applications to the municipality using the prepared forms, keep up with municipal news and events, learn about tourism services and offers, use an interactive map of tourist attractions of Aizkraukle municipality.

In addition to the above, residents of Aizkraukle municipality, by authenticating with the "" single sign-on module (strong authentication), will be able to participate in surveys and public consultations, receive an alert message from the municipality in emergency situations, receive benefits and discounts at municipal institutions and cooperation partners.

The possibility of creating a plastic Aizkraukle municipality resident's card has also been thought of for those residents who do not use smart devices, which will provide benefits, but it will not be as multifunctional as the new app. The card will have a square code (QR code), a card number, a person's name and surname, just like the electronic version of the card in the app.

Binding regulations have also been approved, which define the procedure for using the Aizkraukle municipality mobile app and issuing and using the personalised resident card of Aizkraukle municipality in the administrative territory of Aizkraukle municipality. They stipulate that the fee for the production and issuance of a resident card to a person is EUR 5, which is transferred to the municipality's budget. In order to obtain a Citizen's Card, an application must be submitted to one of the Single Customer Service Centres of the State and Municipality of Aizkraukle Municipality, to the Aizkraukle Municipality Association Administration, to the Skrīveri Parish Administration or to the Parish Service Centre, together with an identity document (passport or identity card), and if the Citizen's Card is purchased against payment - also a proof of payment (the payment must be made to the municipality bank current account with the following indication in the purpose of payment: the resident's card, the person's name).

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