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mkd-22-koknese-2.jpgMark your calendars - this will be a special and unforgettable experience!

Since 2021, "Home Café Days" have been taking place all over Latvia, inviting visitors to visit a specific destination and enjoy its culinary offer and traditions. The event is organised by LIAA and Lauku ceļotājs.

"Home Café Days are special because they transform farmyards, farmhouses, farmsteads and other places that are not normally associated with catering services into improvised, cosy cafés. For a fee, visitors can taste local food, have a great taste experience and enjoy an interesting cultural programme.

Following the tradition started last year, this year "Home Café Days" will also take place in Aizkraukle. On the right bank of the Daugava, or Vidusdaugava, the event will take place on 23 and 24 July, while on the left bank, which this time will participate in the Selija "Home Café Days" - on 10 and 11 September.

Both local residents who are not involved in catering or tourism but would like to welcome and entertain guests on a daily basis, and businesses that are involved in catering or tourism on a daily basis, are invited to participate in the "Home Café Days".

The coordinator of the Vidusdaugava Home Café Days is the Tourism Information Centre of Aizkraukle Municipality and Koknese, Lauma Āre (e-mail:, tel. +37129275412).

Those interested are invited to register for the event by 25 April: in Aizkraukle - at the Aizkraukle Tourism Information Point (Linda Lielauza, tel.25727419,, in Pļaviņas - at the Pļaviņas Tourism Information Point (Zaiga Bonda, tel.22000981,, in Skrīveri - at the Skrīveri Tourism Information Point (Karīna Kruglova, tel. 25661983,, in Koknese - at the Aizkraukle and Koknese Tourism Information Centre, Lauma Āre, tel. 29275412, ). Please provide the following information when registering: name, surname, address of the "Home Café Days" venue and planned days of participation.

The coordinator of the Selija Home Café Days on 10 and 11 September is Endija Urbāne (Selija Cultural Space, tel. 25465787, 

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