atklajaizkraukli-reklamas-rullitis-2.jpgFebruary is the second month of the year, bringing with it new adventures, feelings, events and knowledge! The new year has brought us various changes, including the establishment of the Aizkraukle District Tourism Office. Aizkraukle region can be proud of beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sights and attractive tourism entrepreneurs working in such diverse tourism fields! The merger of six small municipalities has created a large, strong and competitive tourism region, attracting tourists from near and far.

They say that when starting something new, you should always evaluate what you already have. We agree, because Aizkraukle has so much! So we invite you, dear reader, to discover something new in Aizkraukle and to remember what you may have forgotten! Starting today, using the hashtag #DiscoverAizkraukle, we will dedicate each month to one of the territories of the region, creating unique publications highlighting that particular place. This month, the place where you've written your life story will take centre stage, the place that everyone knows thanks to its enchanting views, historical sites, snow-capped mountains... Did we manage to interest you? Follow us and let's discover the Aizkraukle region together!

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