Meetings of tourism entrepreneurs


tiksanas-plavinas.jpgThe Tourism Department of the Aizkraukle Municipality Administration held six meetings with tourism entrepreneurs, service providers, home producers and stakeholders in March and April. The meetings in Skrīveri, Aizkraukle, Pļaviņas, Koknese, Jaunjelgava and Nereta presented the achievements of the tourism department, tourism trends in the region, plans and intentions. In the discussion part, together with the heads of the administrations of the association, the problems, possible solutions and various proposals for success were discussed.

The meetings of tourism entrepreneurs took place at the Aizkraukle district businesses and tourist attractions. In Skrīveri, the meeting took place in the new event hall of the Skrīveri Food Combine, and in Aizkraukle - in the museum "Kalna Ziedi". Pļaviņas tourism entrepreneurs gathered at the "BURSH" brewery, while Koknese entrepreneurs met at the "Radošāja Māja". On the Selian side, entrepreneurs from Jaunjelgava gathered in the "Lapsu ciems" recreation complex, while in Nereta - in the "DebessJums" recreation complex.

Anita Šmite, Head of the Tourism Department, provided the participants with information not only about the tourism news in Aizkraukle, but also about the activities of the Zemgale Tourism Association, inviting the entrepreneurs to participate in its activities. The participants were informed about the activities of the website, news of the tourism season, planned promotions and events. The tourism organisers of the tourist offices shared information on the latest news and events of the places represented. The representatives of the Aizkraukle Regional Business Support Centre - Baiba Kellere and Elita Kaņepēja - provided valuable information to entrepreneurs, inviting them to participate in the events, projects and other activities organised by the Centre.

During the meeting, tourism entrepreneurs shared their experience of the past tourism season and presented this year's news. After evaluating the usefulness of such meetings, it was decided that such meetings will be organised in the future, both at the beginning and at the end of the tourist season. Meetings of tourism entrepreneurs and persons involved in the sector are not only a valuable way of exchanging and acquiring information, but also an excellent opportunity to meet potential cooperation partners, promoting tourism growth and a common vision for tourism development in the whole Aizkraukle district.

Thank you to the entrepreneurs and tourism professionals for meeting and participating in the event, as well as to the hosts of the tourism facilities for hosting the participants!

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