Korkuli dry bed and underground river

Sērenes pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija, LV-5123

A truly unique place that raises more questions than it answers in the minds of the uninitiated. How else could a well-defined river with a beautiful sandy bed, flowing through a 10-15 metre deep ravine of its own making, with thick, primeval and jungle-like vegetation, suddenly disappear? The water disappears and the distinct valley and sandy bed follow. If the spirit of the discoverer prevails and the law of inexhaustible energy makes you wonder where the river has gone, 300 metres away, on the steep bank of the Lauce, you will find the answer.

After disappearing underground, the river returns to the surface on the steep bank of Lauce, where 20 metres below the top of the rocky ravine, a whole river gushes out! The snowmelt and rainfall, which add to the water reserves of all Latvian rivers, also highlight the rapid nature of this underground river.

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