Oak "Big Andrew"

Skrīveri, Skrīveru pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija, LV-5125

At the top of the Sprudu Hill (opposite the Skriveri Food factory) there is an oak-tree- a great oak, discovered in 1976 by the poet Imants Ziedonis, and given the name of Great Andrew in 1977, in honour of the hundredth birthday of Andrejs Upits. A beautiful view of Divaja valley, Jaunjelgava and the nature park Daugava Valley opens from the Great Oak platform. 

lielais-andrejs-norade.jpg taka-uz-lielo-andreju.jpg liela-andreja-citats.jpg dizozols-lielais-andrejs.jpg liela-andreja-lapotne.jpg laipa-ap-lielo-andreju.jpg kapnes-pie-liela-andreja.jpg liela-andreja-laipa.jpg lielais-andrejs.jpg ozols-lielais-andrejs.jpg
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