‘Ellite’ Sulfuric spring

Daudzeses pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija

Sulfuric spring flows out of the Ellīte bog. It is possible to gather some water from the spring, there is a path with a recreation site and info stands. The spring is popular for its healthy water. Also therapeutic sludge was extracted there years ago.

The trail to the sulfur spring is closed indefinitely.
Ellītes sēravots ellites-seravots.jpg Ellītes sēravots 2941969625775480906394037770325502467011647n.jpg 2941503385775478506394272852317093676332207n.jpg 2940816825775497306392394243066788503650993n.jpg 2941012895775478839727573282804962581596703n.jpg 2941011075775481139727345047416561899973222n.jpg
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