The Order of Military Order of Latvian Army (LKO) was Latvia's highest military decoration between 1920 and 1940. The LKO was awarded for meritorious service in combat to soldiers of the Latvian Army and former Latvian Rifle Regiments, as well as to foreigners who had made a major contribution to Latvia's freedom struggle or otherwise contributed to the establishment of the Latvian state. A granite memorial stele has been erected in Pļaviņas to honour the 15 Cavaliers of the Order of Military Order of Lāčplēsis (LKOK) who were born in the Pļaviņas Territory. It is located in front of the house where the Eastern Front Headquarters was located in 1919 and where General Janis Balodis assumed command of the Latvian National Army in the Latvian War of Liberation. The historic building houses a history exhibition and biographies of the recipients of the Order of the Knights of the Order of the Lapel Piece engraved in the stele:

Andrejs Krustiņš (1884-1941).
Pēteris Lapainis (1897-1990)
Adolfs Pēteris Kupčs (1897-1976)
Pēteris Magonis (1896-1934)
Georges Pernaux-Perno (1900-1990)
Alexandre Teter (1892-1969)
Andrejs Iksens (1888-1962)
Peter Iksen (1898-1968)
Eduards Krūmiņš (1900-1943)
Jānis Žīds (1892-1959)
Pēteris Āboliņš (1886-1919)
Visvaldis Dūms (1892-1940) 
Augusts Dzenītis (1900-1963) 
Visvaldis Jankavs (1895-1942) 
Kārlis Lejiņš (1891-1941) 

The LKOK memorial stele was unveiled in July 2019, the stele was consecrated by NBS Chaplain Normunds Celmiņš. The granite statue was created by Jānis Strupulis. 

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