Garden of Destiny

Sala, Koknese, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija, LV-5113

Likteņdārzs (The Garden of Destiny) is a symbol created in nature. It indicates continuous recovery and growth of the nation — this is where both human and state history, the present and future meet. Likteņdārzs, not unlike the Monument of Freedom, is created thanks to donations. It has been planned as a gift from the nation for the centenary of the Latvian Republic.

Excellent environmental architecture has been combined with the beauty of the Koknese peninsula and the flow of River Daugava. Likteņdārzs is comprised of an alley of apple trees and a cobblestone road that lees to an amphitheatre surrounded by oak trees, as well as a virtual memorial home with a digital trail and the Big Hill, on autumn of 2022 a multifunctional public building was finished.You can also spend time on a terrace, which provides beautiful views of Daugava and Koknese church. Also fascinating are the Sirdsakmens (Heart Stones) and other similar objects. Likteņdārzs is a favourite destination for tourists, families and wedding parties. It is also a great place for organising various culture and leisure events.

Friends Alley

Every cobblestone laid in Friends Alley is a donation dedicated to a person. These thousands upon thousands of engraved words symbolize the unity of our people past, present and future.

Friends’ alley is the road that leads to the heart of Garden of Destiny

- the Amphitheater. Friends Alley is surrounded by 77 apple trees, the planting of which started in 2008, in the beginning of the creation of the Garden of Destiny. Each apple tree is a tribute to a Latvian person, family or clan. The road is covered with granite cobblestones with engraved names of supporters of Garden of Destiny. The alley is 200 m long and 8 m wide, it will be made of 113 thousand stones.

Twice a year - on Easter and on the national holiday on November 18 - the alley is filled with newly donated cobblestones. 30,000 cobblestones have already been laid in it. Everyone can help build Friends Alley by donating for a cobblestone for themselves or to their family members and friends! Register yourself in the Garden of Destiny!

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Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs Likteņdārzs

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