Sērene karst fall

Sērenes pagasts, Aizkraukles novads, Latvija, LV-512

The Sērene karst fall, located on the bank of the Lauce River valley, is a seasonal spring outlet in old quarries. The outcrops of dolomite layers of the Plavinas Suite are clearly visible here. At the bottom of the pit, the traveller is standing below the level of the reservoir! To the north is the Korkule dry bed nature monument with watercourses. A ditch running from the former Korkule marsh through the Sērene fish farm has created a large ravine. In its bed, the water disappears underground, and after 0.5 km, part of it flows into the steep bank of Lauce. In rare springs, there have been catastrophic floods when fields and the access road overflow. It is interesting how pseudo-scientific stories about underground phenomena have developed around the site in recent decades. The form of the word 'fall' is considered to be a selism.

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