The display of traditional Latvian musical instruments at “Skaņumāja”

Krapes, Krape, Krapes pagasts, Ogres novads, Latvija, LV-5012

The community „Skaņumāja” have put traditional Latvian musical instruments on display which can be viewed at the premises of the community at Krape parish since autumn 2018.  Visitors to the exhibition not only can learn about musical instruments made and played in Latvia in the last centenary, you can also trace  the path of their development , listen to their sounds and even try to draw the sound out of the antique instruments. The lute-type stringed instruments or kokles, zithers, various types of harmonicas, violins, mandolins and other instruments on display, that had either been imported or hand-made by local craftsmen, create a clear image of the multiplicity of the traditions in making and playing music, the changes in the course of time, distinctions among regions and our position in the great processes of the world.

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