Dienvidsuseja river

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The Dienvidsuseja river , also called Susée, Great Susée or Susée, is a tributary of the right bank of the Mēmeles. It flows out of the Aknīste depression to the west of Subate, crosses the Sēlija hills and the Taurkalne plain, and at Iesalnieki flows into the Mēmle. The 4.2 km-long Dienvidsuseja River is also a border river between Latvia and Lithuania.

Three hydroelectric power plants are located on it, which have a definite influence on the course of the river. The first one is in Nereta, then after Erberģe, and the last one just before the mouth of the Mēmelė. Because of the latter two, the stretch beyond Erberge is not as attractive for boating as before, the river is (with a few exceptions) swollen and wide.

On the banks of the Dienvidsuseja there are interesting cultural and historical sites and sights - Nereta Mill, R. Gurklis large wooden sculpture garden in Sproģi, "Kronīšu woodworking", Erberģe church and manor. There is also a resting and campfire place and a gazebo by the river in Sproģi. There is also a fireplace in the Erberģe Manor Park.

The river is accessible by car. Boating on the Dienvidsuseja is a peaceful way to enjoy nature - there are no rapids.

GPS: 56.36671, 25.02104 (river near Erberge)

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