8 ideas for a bachelor and bachelorette party in Skrīveri



Summer is approaching fast - the most popular time for weddings in Latvia. We see advertisements and wedding offers on several websites, but where does that leave the stag and hen parties? The pre-wedding party is meant for people who are about to get married to say goodbye to their single status and have fun with their friends.

The Skrīveri Tourism and Information Point offers 8 ideas for endless fun at a pre-wedding party:

Soap and candle workshops with a twist

Lilijas Soaps & Candles offers private soap and candle masterclasses in your own workshop or on a trip. She is well known for her "edible" soaps, but also offers more savoury shapes for hen and stag parties.

Advance booking required: +371 22376994

Drunka* spirits tasting

Drunka* is for those who like something stronger - wine and spirits. The hosts will welcome you and offer you to taste the "Drunka", the "Drunka" power soup, enjoy the atmosphere on the bank of the Daugava and listen to the stories about the creation of Drunka* and the history of Kalnakroga.

+371 26474460

Ice cream tasting for the parched

When the pre-wedding party has already heated up, Skrīveri home-made ice cream will be the right place to cool down. In the wonderful atmosphere of the café you will be able to awaken your taste buds, explore the world of classic and unusual ice cream flavours and experience what others only talk about.

For reservations: +371 28361561 or skriveri@majassaldejums.lv

Candy with a special design

If you want to get a certificate for learning how to roll a "gotiņa" candy, then the Skrīveri Food Combine is the right place for you. It is one thing to hear and read, but quite another to experience and see for yourself how the famous "Gotiņa" and the legendary "Krējuma pagale" candies are made and what they taste like. A candy wrapper can be designed to your liking as an unforgettable addition to your party, but don't forget to arrange this with the hosts before your visit.

For more information, please contact in advance.

Create memories with RADADA

If you want to create something that will remind you of the party every day, plan a visit to the RADADA workshop. There you will have the opportunity to try your hand at screen printing by printing fabric bags. Super option - by prior arrangement, the hostess can create a stencil with the image of your choice.

For prior reservation: +371 28386655

Produce emotions in the emotion factory

Enjoying sweets is an unusual experience - guests are offered to enjoy the delicacies in "Skrīveri fashion", as well as to get creative and discover different emotions within themselves. The Skrīveru emociju fabrika offers a choice of six excursions. From tastings for the hurried to a multi-hour programme.

Please book in advance: +371 20366668 or +371 65197009

Teas, soup and other delicacies in Ragāres

For those who are closer to nature, the Ragāres organic farm offers the opportunity to see, touch, taste and smell 100 different medicinal plants and learn about their everyday uses. Tea tasting and the opportunity to enjoy breakfast or lunch at the imaginary "Actress in Ragāre" venue. Herbal and berry smoothies, the unbeatable soup cooked in the Ragari campfire make the trip a special experience.

Advance reservation required.

For those who enjoy the pleasures of the water, meet the "White Goat"

Would you like to enjoy champagne while looking at the banks of the Daugava from the water and listening to interesting stories about the banks of Aizkraukle, Skrīveri, Jaunjelgava and even Lielvārde? Everything is possible! During the excursion on the boat "Balta koza" or motorboat "Āzītis" you will learn many interesting facts and legends while leisurely enjoying the party atmosphere, self-provided snacks and drinks.

+371 29442587

Information prepared by Skrīveri Tourism Information Point

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