mkd-22-koknese.jpgAizkraukle municipality tourism service providers are invited to apply for the "Hiker-friendly" sign until 19 April!

The "Pedestrian-friendly / Hiker-friendly" label is awarded to tourism service providers in the Baltic States. It shows that the operator understands and respects the needs of pedestrians and that they are welcome here. The host offers essential and necessary services for walkers, such as: route information, drinking water, first aid kit, charging electrical appliances, drying wet and washing dirty clothes, boots and other personal equipment.

The label is open to any tourism operator in all three Baltic States who wants to offer services that are necessary for people on foot - not only accommodation, but also, for example, cafés, pubs and restaurants, petrol stations, shops, etc. 

More information here: https://www.celotajs.lv/en/c/p...

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